Frequently Asked Questions

General Question

We are an online, real-time education platform through state-of-art classroom technology.

The costing varies per course you want to enroll in, but we are the most cost-effective online education providers out on the internet currently.

Yes, we give out a completion certificate on successful completion of every course.

You have access to the full class recording in the event of missing a class, so you don’t really miss anything!

Yes, every teacher has the unique advantage of how they want to conduct their class, they can be available to answer your queries directly.

Yes, you can. 5Africa provides you with many tools to check the progress of your child and performance in the courses they are enrolled in.

Disabled people except blind are able to access our webinar using

Yes you are able to access the course after you complete the course. There is no limitation.

You need to register yourself with and fill your educational and experience profile.

We will email you a .pdf file of the certificate once you have completed your course.


We take data security very seriously, we are fully complaint with data security standards all over the world.

Yes, depending on the level you are in the course, we offer partial refunds or full refund.