International Notarization of Documents ($90.00/stamp)

(For signers located outside of the US)

While trying to gain admissions to American and Canadian schools and universities, some documentations might need to be notarized to validate their authenticity. Also, notarization services are needed to certify documentations related to US based business transactions, company registrations, real estate purchases/ transactions, financial procedures relating to freelance works etc., with most US based businesses and individuals.

Remember, not all notaries can notarize a document for a signer who is physically located outside of the United State of America in which they are commissioned. However, we have notaries that can legally notarize your document even when you’re physically located outside of the USA

(Please note that this service does not require US Citizenship or a Social Security number to get your documents notarized but will require you to have a valid ID, access to email, smartphone or your computer (with camera/ video capability) and access to our RON platform which will be provided via a link to your cellphone or email address.)